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Working Hours

Working Hours

Working Hours

The maximum an employee should work in an average working week is 48 hours. This working week average should be calculated over a four-month period. There are however some exceptions to this average period.



Employees are entitled to;

  • A daily rest period of 11 consecutive hours per 24 hours
  • A weekly rest period of 24 consecutive hours per seven days, following a daily rest period
  • A 15-minute break if working 4.5 hours.
  • A 30-minute break if working six hours.

Payment for breaks is not a statutory entitlement.


If not already included in the rate of pay, employees are generally entitled to a premium payment for Sunday working or paid time off in lieu. Some industries have REA’s containing regulations on Sunday working. Where there is no collective agreement in place, the employer should look at the closest applicable collective agreement, which applies to same or similar work under similar circumstances, which provides for a Sunday premium.

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