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Hauliers Licence Exemption

Driving Commercial for a living, there are times when you do not need a Hauliers Licence.

July 31, 2019

Certain types of activity are exempt from the licensing requirement applicable to the Haulage business in general.

An operator’s licence isunnecessary if your vehicle (or combination of the vehicles to be used) has a maximum authorised weight of less than 3.5 metric tonnes.










We at, John M Shanahan & Co, Chartered Accountants, Tullamore, Co Offaly have taken a look at the instances which do not require a Hauliers Licence under current legislation.

Weight Limitation.

An operator’s licence is unnecessary if your vehicle (or combination of the vehicles to be used) has a maximum authorised weight of less than 3.5 metric tonnes, including the vehicle, fully laden, and any trailer or semi-trailer.

Occasional Carriage.

The carriage of goods necessitated by:

  • Goods being moved to or from airports in the event of air services being diverted;
  • The transport of objects and materials exclusively for publicity or information purposes;
  • Goods which are your own property.


Funeral Transport.

An operators licence is not required by those involved in the Undertaking business.

Other Licence Exemption.

Within the agricultural sector:

  • The carriage of Cattle, sheep, pigs, livestock or turf;
  • Milk or milk containers to or from a creamery or cream-separating station;
  • Newly harvested wheat, oats and barley from 1 August to 30 November each year from a farm to a place of storage, assembly or processing;
  • Animal carcases for disposal;
  • Bees or fish fry;

Within other sectors:

  • Luggage in trailers coupled to passenger - carrying vehicles, to or from airports;
  • Vehicles which have suffered damage or breakdown;
  • Spare parts for sea-going vessels and aircraft;
  • Articles required for medical care in emergency relief and in particular for relief in natural disasters;
  • Goods which by reason of their value are carried in specially constructed vehicles which are accompanied by police or other security guards;
  • Objects and works of art for exhibition or for commercial purposes;
  • Material, properties and animals to or from theatrical, musical or film preformances or sporting events, circuses, exhibitions or fairs, or to or from the making of radio or television broadcasts or films;

There are many occasions when a licence is not required and on those where the licencing regulations do apply further information can be obtained from the Road Transport Operator Licensing Unit at the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport in Loughrea, Co. Galway.

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